Highway Speed Driving School
                                 About Highway Speed Driving School

        Highway Speed Driving School is owned and operated by Michael Spornak.  Mike is an active duty police officer with 20 years of experience in law enforcement.  He currently works as a patrol officer with a police department in Montgomery County.  During his 20 year career he has been a Field Training Officer, Accident Reconstructionist, S.W.A.T.  Team Member and Range Instructor.

        As a police officer and instructor at Highway Speed Driving School, Mike knows first hand how important it is to receive proper driving instruction from a professional and qualified teacher.  Each student will be provided with the finest quality driver education possible to ensure that they are prepared to not only pass their drivers examination, but to be a safe, proficient and courteous driver for years to come.

        At Highway Speed Driving School, we are making our roadways safer one lesson at a time.    

                                          Defensive Driving Techniques

        -  Situational awareness
        -  Safely negotiating neighborhoods, parking lots and rural areas
        -  Smooth acceleration and braking
        -  Dangers at intersections
        -  Proper steering and use of mirrors
        -  Safely change lanes, merging and turning
        -  Calmly reacting to sudden emergency situations
        -  Safely passing slower vehicles
        -  Driver courtesy
        -  Driving on intermediate roads and highways
        -  Pedestrians
        -  Fatigued, distracted and impaired drivers
        -  Parallel parking
        -  & many other topics


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